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After effect bản tin thời sự


Videohive Complete News Package 7 10533381 | 2 Part Rar | 1,40 GB

CS5 or Above | 1920×1080 | No Requires Plugins

Features list:

    • Virtual Studio Set with multiple Camera views: 360° Panoramic View (move the Camera around in After Effects) / Anchor Close-up view / Co-Anchor Close-up View / Mid-shot View / Long-shot View
    • Virtual Studio can host two Newscaster
    • After Effects CS4 project (CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6 & CC compatible)
  • You can edit the timing of all On-Air graphics animations by setting In&Out points of one Controller
  • Easily change the colors with a Color Controller, to mach the colors of your brand
  • All text and videos can be replaced with your content
  • News / Sport / Weather / Business Review / Breaking News / Coming Up / Exclusive, and other Openings
  • Corner logos
  • Animated Ticker Line
  • Different types of Lower Thirds
  • End-credits
  • Info screens
  • Live Screens
  • Headlines
  • Transitions
  • Phone screens
  • Split screens
  • OTS Over-the-shoulder
  • Weather Forecast
  • Weather Icons
  • Coming Up / Next
  • Tonight
  • In-depth Video tutorial
  • 1920×1080 HD 29.97fps (4 ready to render comps. at different resolutions)
  • No 3rd party plugins needed

UNRAR PASS: vector6.combbbhg09

Fshare part 1 | Fshare part 2 —- Tenlua parrt 1 | Tenlua part 2

4Share part 1 | 4Share part 2 —- Megashare part 1 | Megashare part 2

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